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Dan Remon
3 min readApr 23, 2021

The power of simplicity to drive ambition, success and productivity while eliminating stress and procrastination.

You’ve probably heard of the acronym KISS.

Keep it Super Simple. Make your strategies simple, consistent and powerful.

It’s a powerful life strategy, that when you truly understand why, it will change the way you do everything.

And lead to an empowered mental and physical flow. Also known as Flow states.

Here’s why: Simplifying processes prevents overwhelm and inaction. Anxiety, stress and procrastination is all linked to having too much on your plate. When you are in an overwhelmed state, your brain simply shuts down.

Your brain is designed to perform optimally with simple, clear and semi achievable tasks. The magic amount of growth and challenge is about 4%. So keep that in mind.

Here are 3 ways you can optimize the use of information, achieve higher levels of productivity and build unstoppable momentum in life, work, goals and success.

Keep in mind that each of these strategies can be explored much deeper. So in the context of Keeping it Simple, I’ll simply review with a broad perspective. And remember, if you’re not doing the simple things, there is no need to go deeper till to have embedded a new habit or behaviour. No need to overcomplicate anything.

1. Braindump

Your brain is designed to create ideas and thoughts, not to store them. Often when you’re head is full of thoughts, conversations, problem solving, it’s chaos of data. Preventing logical thought processing and data allocation. Often preventing quality sleep, effective solution creation and preventing efficient use of neural bandwidth.

Keep a note book, tablet or use a note taking app and build systems of frequent brain dumps to download thoughts, ideas in one place. Either on the go, or at night as part of your shut down routine.

Then prioritize, delete use as needed. Organise your thoughts and keep it simple.

2. Assess & Reflect

Awareness of your achievements, completed and incomplete tasks as well as your priorities will greatly improve your productivity and success. I like to do daily reflection as part of my shutdown routine so I can evaluate my day, identify learnings, where to improve and what to prioritize and plan for tomorrow.

Key with all these simple processes are to be disciplined to build new behaviours and automate actions.

3. Time Blocking

What gets allocated, gets done. Time blocking is a hyper productivity strategy that allows you to manage your most precious resource, “time” in advance with INTENT. Meaning, you plan your production in advance, you allocate your time resources to complete specific tasks and you Get Things Done!.

Allocate the appropriate tasks based on your schedule, timelines and priorities.

And ideally, group similar tasks in the same time block so you get in ‘Flow’ and be in the same headspace to apply same wavelength topics and thinking processes to amplify productivity and completion of tasks.

Keep it simple, build systems and automate to amplify your achievements in business and across all life domains.

Would love to hear what’s been working for you, or if you have any challenges, reach out, connect and take action to build a high performance, productive and stress-free life.

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